The Famous Clock Tower of Benicia

The Famous Clock Tower of Benicia | Benicia Plumbing
If you’ve ever been to Benicia, you’ve probably seen the city’s Clock Tower of Benicia. The historic Clock Tower is located at 1189 Washington Street in Benicia, near the entrance to the port of Benicia.

Constructed in 1859 of native Benicia sandstone, the Clock Tower was designed as a U.S. military arsenal. Originally built as a three story building, it provided the occupants with a view of Suisun, San Pablo, and San Francisco Bays. A fire and explosion in 1912 reduced this facility to the two-story structure that exists today.

This sandstone military bastion was strategically built atop Army Point to control the key passageway of Carquinez Strait to the gold mines of the interior and was designed to protect the post from Indian attacks, although the “Old Fort” never fired a shot in anger, even during the alarms of Civil War days. It is located in the Arsenal and is available for the public to rent for special events through the City of Benicia’s Parks and Community Services Department.

In 1964, the Clock Tower became the property of the City of Benicia and has since served as a multiple use facility for weddings, dances, private parties, receptions, and community functions. The Clock Tower is Benicia’s largest facility with a maximum standing capacity of 750 people and a seating capacity of 536 people.

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Benicia Clock Tower | Benicia Plumbing

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