10 Fun Facts About Plumbing

10 Fun Facts About Plumbing | Benicia Plumbing

  1. The earliest sewer and water pipes in America were made from wood because the people who made them didn’t have any knowledge of metalwork.
  2. The favorite trees of the borers, the people who bored holes through the center of the logs, were elm and hemlock.
  3. After the Great Fire of New York in 1835, better and more efficient water systems were created that would be able to accommodate a growing population, and this is when a huge conversion occurred from wooden to metal pipes.
  4. Today, there are still sections of communities throughout America that still have wooden pipes as part of their drinking water systems.
  5. The Croton Aqueduct System was a New York accomplishment that was completed in 1842. It brought water to the city’s buildings and laid the framework for widespread indoor plumbing.
  6. This system became the model for city plumbing infrastructure all over America.
  7. The purpose of the system was to supply the city with pressurized water, though initially the intended use was for fire hydrants.
  8. Prior to the 1840s, indoor plumbing could only be found in the most upscale of hotels.
  9. The Tremont Hotel in Boston is credited as being one of the first buildings in America to have running water and flushing toilets.
  10. By the 1850s, most new homes were being built with separate indoor bathrooms, but plumbing professionals hadn’t yet perfected the system, meaning there were lots of sewer smells that seeped into the rest of the home and lots of back-­pressure problems.

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