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At Benicia Plumbing, Inc., it has some of the plumbing industry’s best people in the right positions to lead, support  and allow them to serve its customers at a high level.

By taking a professional approach based on things such as courtesy and respect, the staff at Benicia Plumbing, Inc. is trained to fulfill the company motto: People Taking Care of People.

Rest assured its technicians will always fully comply with local city and state building codes and that they will always maintain the necessary licenses and insurance coverage.

When you hire Benicia Plumbing, you also get its staff’s knowledge, expertise and countless years of experience, which are qualities you can’t put a price on.

William J. Cawley | Benicia Plumbing

William J. Cawley


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William J. Cawley, III | Benicia Plumbing

William J. Cawley, III


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Mike Hatcher | Benicia Plumbing

Mike Hatcher

Vice President

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Scott Bell | Benicia Plumbing

Scott Bell

Vice President of Operations

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Craig Harding | Benicia Plumbing

Craig Harding

Chief Financial Officer

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Janet Ritter | Benicia Plumbing

Janet Ritter


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Richard J. Albinana | Benicia Plumbing

Richard J. Albinana

Warehouse Manager

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Raul M. Aguilera, Jr. | Benicia Plumbing

Raul M. Aguilera, Jr.

Purchasing and Project Manager

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Errol Layton | Benicia Plumbing

Errol Layton

Service Operations Manager

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