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At Benicia Plumbing, we pride ourselves on doing the best work humanly possible based on a simple concept: Provide the finest service available and back it up 100%. Whether we’re performing drain cleaning or any type of plumbing installation and/or repair services, we always do every project efficiently, timely and in a courteous manner for home, condo and apartment owners throughout the Bay Area. To this end, we know how to work with owners, property managers and maintenance personnel to get the job done quickly and affordably.

Choosing a plumber before you need one is especially helpful when you are in the middle of an emergency. In case of a burst pipe, flooded basement or nasty septic issue, you really don’t have the luxury to sift through the best companies to work with, because the priority at that time will be to stop ongoing damage to your property. That is why it’s so important to find a plumber that you can rely on time and time again.

Unfortunately, if you are like most busy people, finding a quality plumber may not be at the top of your list until something goes wrong. While you may have some experience maintaining your home’s plumbing systems, the fact is that some jobs are best left to the professionals. Bear in mind that even small leaks that are improperly fixed by you or a handyman could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs later on.

At Benicia Plumbing, our Service Technicians will always arrive at your location fully stocked with all of the plumbing parts, fixtures, cleaning supplies, repair equipment and more, in order to take care of any and all of your residential plumbing needs. With our customer appraised and approved service, we are more than able to take care of all of your residential plumbing needs from the ground up on any project, big or small. While our highly-trained professionals take care of your job, you can rest assured knowing that the price you’re quoted at the beginning of the job is the price you’ll pay.

By staying abreast of all the municipal building codes in the four counties we serve, Benicia Plumbing can keep its clients in full compliance on every project. Each of our Service Technicians is registered with the Contractors State License Board as Home Improvement Salesman, assuring that they’re properly trained to work in your home. They also go through extensive background checks and are annually tested in order to give all of our clients a peace of mind while adding a new level of accountability and reliability.

Please contact us today! And if you have an emergency, give us a call any time of day or night! We offer 24 hour/7 day emergency plumbing service to alleviate the anxiety that comes with backups, floods or no water.

Plumbing Service & Repair | Plumbing Service

Client's Review

For sixteen years, Tulloch Construction has relied on Benicia Plumbing, Inc. to provide quality plumbing systems in our new construction projects and tenant improvements.  Benicia Plumbing also provides repair services and maintenance to our facilities in a timely fashion with qualified technicians.

With fair pricing, quality work and a commitment to excellent customer service, Benicia Plumbing is a great value to commercial property owners like Tulloch Construction."

Brian Tulloch - Tulloch Construction
Emeryville, CA