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Errol Layton

Errol Layton | Benicia Plumbing

Errol Layton
Service Operations Manager

Errol Layton | Residential & Commercial Plumbing Services

Errol Layton serves Benicia Plumbing, Inc., as its Service Department Operations Manager. His duties include managing and developing service plumbing staff, estimating, job cost management as well as building and maintaining customer relationships.

Errol started his plumbing career at Benicia Plumbing in 1998 as a Warehouse Delivery Driver.  He quickly moving into the Service Department as a Plumbing Technician.  Over the years, he became an exemplary plumber, excelling in problem solving, mentoring the plumbing staff and building relationships with co-workers, contractors and customers.

When Errol isn’t working, he is camping and spending time with his family and friends.